Interview with Starleas Murphy

Starleas Murphy (aka Star) has been working at Bodyworks Fitness since September 2018. She has accomplished a number of fitness related goals since starting with us and was kind enough to share her story!


Justine: What have you accomplished since starting your fitness journey at Bodyworks?

Star: I've lost 60 lbs, completed my first half marathon, and signed up for Rugged Maniac, which is July 13th. My body does stuff now that it hasn't done in 20 years. Work tasks have become easier. Most people don't realize this but, doing simple tasks at 300 pounds are not so simple.

Justine: Did accomplishing these things affect your view on fitness?

Star: Yes. I am so motivated just to see how far this body can go. Next year's goal is to do a full marathon.

Justine: What did it feel like during the half marathon you completed and what kept you in the game mentally?

Star: Honestly it was all mental. It was telling myself every step of the way that you can do this. Honestly what I've realized as a runner is having goal markers at every kilometre is a must.

Justine: How does your training for Rugged Maniac differ from how you were training for your marathon?

Star: Initially my training was based on simply losing weight and developing muscle endurance. So literally I did high intensity interval training, “HIIT” , and I also did a lot of strength training, doing lots of low reps and high weight as well as super sets and drop sets. From here prior to the event I rested completely for two full days doing absolutely no exercise and then got a really good night’s sleep, got up and ran the 21 km. In terms of training for Rugged Maniac the goal here is to get me incredibly strong in terms of my upper body. So this involves doing movements I’ve never done before: holding my own body weight while swinging, jumping, and pulling. So this is a lot of high intensity body movements and full resistance training all geared to build speed, endurance, and strength. It’s crazy.

Dale (owner and trainer at Bodyworks Fitness) took the time to research my event and put together a comprehensive training program to address all the necessities of the upcoming event. He literally broke down every obstacle and set up a controlled scenario in which I could simulate the obstacles. He was amazing, thorough, and even if I'm not the best at this event, I could never have gotten as far as I will without him!

Justine: You seem to be consistently rocking the accountability calendar each month. What motivates you to stay so consistent?

Star: I love seeing progress. Progress is so important to me.

Justine: Has progress ever stalled ?
Star: Literally since I've walked in the door of this place [Bodyworks Fitness], I've only missed 12 days in any given calendar month. My best is only four days missed in a month. I'm spending at least 35 minutes each workout.*

Justine: What are your future fitness goals and how are you training for them?

Star: Ideally I would like to become a personal trainer and lead the world into a great level of fitness because it is achievable by everyone.

Justine: Any long term goals you have in mind that are fitness related?

Star: One day I would like to do a fitness modeling show. One day when I get my diet under control because I know that's all diet and I'm not there yet. I'm awesome at working out. Not so good in the kitchen department. But that's why I work so hard in the gym.

Justine: What's something new you've learned about yourself throughout this journey?

Star: I can do anything I put my mind to.

Justine: What's something new you've learned about exercising and/or nutrition throughout this experience?

Star: There's a big difference between sprinting and jogging. There is a huge difference between running on pavement and trail running.

Justine: Have you changed your nutrition at all?

Star: Unfortunately not but it is a part of my future goals.

Justine: Any tips for beginners or people who are hesitant to start something new like this?

Star: Biggest tip: don't give up on yourself. You don't have to go hard every single day, but give yourself something every day. Challenge your body in some way every day, whether it's stretching, weightlifting, cardio, etc.

Interviewed by Justine Nagra

Instagram: @justinenagra @starleasmurphy @pvillebodyworks

*Interviewed on June 5th, 2019