Classes are offered at the COED and Ladies Only facilities


Spice up your workout with a Bodywork's Fitness Class! Bodyworks for Women now offers over 60 free Fitness Classes, as part of a membership! All of our classes are instructed by professional trainers. Use a class for a warm up, cool down, or a complete workout.

Just some of the many classes included are…

  • Yoga/Pilates

  • Weight Lifting

  • HIIT Training

  • Spinning

  • Kickboxing

  • Zumba

  • Stomp

  • and so many more

The classes at the Ladies Only facility are included in any gym membership. 


Starting January 7th, 2019 we will be having unlimited classes offered at the COED location.

Bodyworks Fitness Class List

 COED Location (124 Middleton Avenue, Parksville, BC)

Morning Jumpstart

1 hour

Kick off the day with a total body interval session. We will be using a variety of equipment including medicine balls, kettle bells, TRX, and dumbbells. The goal of this class is to work the entire body though dynamic movements, functional strength exercises, and cardio. You will leave ready to "win the day!"

School Time Blitz

45 min

This class if for all you parents out there looking to drop your kids at school and maximize your time! This is a 45 minute Tabata style class working the entire body within a short period of time for maximal results.

 Stress Burn

1 hour

Leave work and arrive to burn off all that work and life related stress. Similar to the morning jumpstart class, this will be a full body dynamic session designed to target all your muscles, relax you, and get you home in time for dinner.

 Core and Support

1 hour

Slow it down and focus on all things core related. Protect your body by building support through a series of exercises which provide you maximum stability.

 Stretch and Restore

 45 min

Dim the lights, lie down, and be guided through a restorative stretching session. Foam rolling and band work along with static stretching will provide you with alignment both inside and out.

 Strong by Zumba

Instructor: Candice Helin

1 hour

Strong by Zumba isn’t your usual zumba class. It is a high intensity interval-training workout driven by motivational music. This zumba class uses traditional fitness moves for an athletic, conditioning- style workout combined with upbeat, energetic music that will want you coming back for more!

 FreakieFitt Circuit

Instructor: Candice Helin

45 min

This circuit training is a total body workout! We will use resistance and cardio training techniques to improve your endurance and help build strength. Circuit training allows you to fit a large variety of movement into your workout, meaning a full body challenge and none of the boredom that comes with repetitive exercise.

 Body Shred

Instructor: Candice Helin

1 hour

 What better way to start your weekend than with a total body workout? This class is a mix of body weight exercises and light weight exercises with interval training, strength training, conditioning and stretching. We work to burn fat, increase lean muscle and improve body-awareness. All levels welcome!

 Beginner's Step Class

Instructor: Candice Helin

45 min

This class is a mix of creative routines and rhythm based exercises on and around the step. It will extend your step skills, challenging the mind and body. Each class is coordinated to a variety of music and you are guaranteed to have a fun filled experience.

Classes at the COED will be $119/month (unlimited) for January ONLY (prices will be going up starting February 2019).

Drop in classes are $12/class.

Prices will be the same for members and non-members.

New to the Fitness Class experience? One of our staff members will be happy to assist you with getting started!