"This is a fantastic place to work out. It is a smaller area designed spaciously so there's lots of free space to exercise. The place is well taken care of and the equipment is constantly being cleaned. It just had a recent upgrade as well. The employees are incredibly friendly and will chat with you. The atmosphere is welcoming and friendly. Love it!"

- Rebecca Seasting (Member since July 2015)

"I have been going to Bodyworks for the last seven years and each year it gets better. Each year the equipment is upgraded and always kept spotlessly clean. What I appreciate, aside from the professionalism of the staff, is the variety of equipment. This means I can have a new program every two months and the equipment is there for me. The cost is low. For the price of buying one piece of equipment for home, I can have access to 30+ pieces for two or more years. To me, it is a no-brainer.
It is a friendly, welcoming gym and the patrons are there to work out. Try it! You will stay."

John Mercer (Member since January 2007)

"We have been very long standing members of Bodyworks Gym for many years and we can say with certainty that the professionalism and positive attitude that prevails in our gym is second to none. Extremely friendly and down to earth. We enjoy the atmosphere there and will continue to attend. Very good people and wonderful staff."

- Gregg and Viktoriya Bowman (Members since May 2003)

"Bodyworks in Parksville meant that I was able to keep up with my physiotherapy while I was on vacation, plus get in some strength training on the side. With great hours, complete facilities, friendly staff, and reasonable rates, it's everything you could ask for in a small-town gym." 

- Mica Jorgensen (2 Week Pass holder July 2015)

"Thank you to the staff for your care, support, and laughs. You inspire and motivate me!"

- Mark Aitken (Member since March 2015)

"Bodyworks has a phenomenal atmosphere. Not only are the staff friendly, the clientele are welcoming and supportive. Bodyworks has helped me meet and surpass my physical goals."

- Trevor White (Member since May 2015)

Bodyworks has friendly and knowledgeable staff, great hours and the latest equipment, including fitness on request classes that are available any time of the day.  I love the personal training sessions.  They give me the tools and tips I need to improve my fitness level and stay fit.

- Ginny Sargison (Member since March 2011)

"Bodyworks has managed to cultivate a welcoming environment that beyond exceeded my expectations. Where I entered with apprehension, I left with a smile on my face, excited for my next workout."

- Amber Macarthy (Member since August 2014)

There are so many great things about Bodyworks that has made this gym one of the best places I've been to.  The owner and staff are such amazing, caring people.  This is not only my gym, it is a place I call home.

The staff always make sure you are looked after in every way.  It is kept very clean, they have great equipment and amazing classes!

I've been going here for the past two years and I've met such wonderful people that I call my friends.

- Liseta Barros (Member since September 2011)

I recently joined Bodyworks because of the promotion which gives me access to literally everything the gym has to offer.  This includes classes such as Pilates & Spin (among others) which I might never have tried.  It also gives me unlimited access to the sauna & tanning bed, both of which I had never tried before.  It gives me the opportunity to vary my workouts to keep things interesting.

The value is amazing!  I don't think you could find better value for your money!

- Kelly C. 

These classes are a great option for us.  I usually take the 50 minuite cycle class because I need to build my endurance and I need a tough workout.  By the time I finish one of those classes, I'm drenched!  It's a really great workout.  Besides just training for the ironman, I was really interested in the fitness on request programming because there is so much variety.  Normally I'd wonder how I would have time to do all of these activities, but with this program, I have all of those options right in one spot and I can do it whenever I have time available.  I like that there are different class lengths.  If I come in on my lunch hour, I may only have time for a 20 or 35 minute class, but then on the weekends or at night I can take a longer class.  Sometimes when I workout, I don't want to think.  If I can just go to the gym and press a button and have an instructor tell me exactly what to do, it's great.  I'm constantly telling people what a great tool fitness on request is.  I just love it!

- Jackie Allen (Member since March 2007)