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Dale Nagra

Owner of Bodyworks Fitness and Personal Trainer

With 15 years of personal training experience (certified through Can Fit Pro) and 35 years experience in a gym environment, Dale continues to motivate, support, and educate clients on their journey to a better lifestyle. He has an extensive history with power lifting, sports (participating/coaching), and a general passion for fitness.

Specializing in:

Gaining Lean Muscle

Body Composition Transformation

Strength Training

Power Lifting

Sports Specific Training

Dale has trained an array of people - meeting individual needs and building programs to best suit you and your goals. He has helped clients achieve goals from preparing for hockey tryouts to passing RCMP fitness tests to overall fitness. He is personable, encouraging, easy to understand, and has the knowledge to help you achieve and retain your goals.

If you are just starting out, not seeing results currently, bored of your old workout, or just need some more support attaining your goals - Dale is the trainer to get you on the right track.



"Thank you for the two months of personal training that has changed not only my body, but my energy levels and overall well-being. With your assistance I lost 10 pounds and gained muscle, but I also want to let you know that my health has improved; my blood pressure levels have dropped so my medications have been reduced. My hands are stronger and the pain from the osteo-arthritis is not as severe. I feel proud of my accomplishments and know that I look better! I feel terrific and YOU are a great coach."

- Eleanor K

"When I first went to Bodyworks I was 45 years old and 286 lbs. (Very out of shape) Dale set me up on a program, monitored my progress and now I'm holding 225 lbs and in the best shape I've ever been. The gym atmosphere is very friendly and supportive. Thank you Dale."

- Daren L

"I started going to Bodyworks about 6 months ago, my goal was to get strong and loose some weight. I hired Dale as my personal trainer, he is professional, punctual and a very motivated person. Dale is committed to my workout for the time that I am there which I really appreciate. Not only is he completely knowledgeable on all aspects of weight training he explains everything that I will be doing during my session and why. Dale can also look at how each session is going and know immediately what part is getting too easy and he will quicklycorrect it. I am seeing great results which encourages me to stay committed to my work out. Even though the workouts are extremely hard I always leave the gym feeling wonderful and looking forward to my next session. I also really enjoy the facility itself, I am always greeted with a smile, it is spotlessly clean and extremely well run."

- Jean D

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James Gardiner

Personal Trainer & Performance Specialist

Jim brings over 20 years of fitness background to Vancouver Island. Originally from the States, his travels have taken him from Rhode Island to New York City, Los Angeles, Vancouver, and finally settling here to further his passion of inspiring others through a fitness and nutrition mindset and how that is applied to everyday life to help clients realize their authentic selves.

He is defined by one word: rowing.


Through this sport Jim was able to transform his meek asthma stricken teenage body into that of a high performance athlete in the US National Development System. More recently he has continued his competitive pursuits on the international master’s circuit competing all over the globe. In addition to working with general fitness and weight loss clients Jim has trained high performance athletes including rowers, triathletes, cyclists, runners, swimmers, and hockey players. He has built a pedigree of success by implementing different training modalities, lab protocols, and outside the box approaches to sport functionality. Some of Jim’s accomplishments include:

• Gold Medal at the 1991 US Olympic Festival Men’s Lightweight 2x • Head Coach of Rowing – Simon Fraser University and University of Rhode Island • Canadian Champion – Men’s Master 1x • US Championships – Silver Medal Men’s Master’s 1x • Over 75 Top 3 finishes in international competition • Over 100 Top 3 finishes for his rowing athletes on the Master’s circuit

Fitness to Jim is a way of life… a mindset by which he governs all aspects of his day to day living. While nutrition is the fundamental foundation to everything he teaches, Jim is also dedicated to imparting knowledge and the skill required for success to his clients in and out of the gym.


Lara Gregory, Personal Trainer 

Instagram: @laras_body_and_soul_wisdom

I am a movement professional and self love Guru! I advocate choosing from love and taking actions for self love. I love to show people how to feel good in their skin by helping them move better, have more energy, do what they set their mind to, eat well, sleep better, feel less stressed, and look better naked. It all comes down to enjoying more of your life right now by supporting your body so that you can do all the things you want in life and feel good doing it.

I am trained as a personal trainer and a life coach. I want to help you attain your goals, create a lifestyle that feels good, and choose self love in your health and fitness journey.

For fun I like to be outside in the ocean swimming or paddling, in the woods hiking or wandering,  in the community taking a walk, or biking to complete my daily activities. The gym keeps me moving well and strong so that all my fun stuff is easy to do! I am also an avid reader, dancer, and lover of music.

I offer workshops, group classes, and one on one personalized programs and coaching.

I work with a range of goal-oriented clients. I help teach others how to move better in the gym and in life, creating pain free movement,  reducing pain body, improving mind body connection, living well with chronic health conditions, recovering from birthing and related complications, fat loss, sports conditioning programs, athletic event training, and feeling good in your skin.

My certifications are:

BCRPA Personal Training

BCRPA Weight Training specialty

Functional Movement Training Level Two

Pre and Post Natal

TRX group training

Agatsu KettleBell Level One

Bulgarian Bags Level One

Therapeutic Fascial Stretch Therapy

HyperVolt tools

Muscle Activation/Testing

NCCP Level 1 Coaching

Dotfit Nutrition

Somatic Sex Education certification in progress

Ontological Coaching certification, Accomplishment Coaching



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